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One Stop Auto Receives City Commendation

by Kathleen Donahue
Reprinted from West Hollywood Weekly

After only two months in West Hollywood, One Stop Auto Shop is receiving praises from the city, enough to warrant a special "City Commendation" faster than any other business in memory.

Offering what the employees call "the most honest car shop around," One Stop has seen over 100 new customers just within a five-block radius since opening in the city. Customers have said they’re most pleased with the personal attention given them and their vehicles, something the independent station can offer that franchised shops can’t.

"We listen to the customer," said owner Brad Wheeler, "You can talk to us. A lot of people want to know what’s going on with their car and we show them."

It’s a simple recipe for success that has paid off for One Stop and Wheeler, who decided to move the shop from its Hollywood location after 20 years in that neighborhood. Knowing he needed to expand his business to house some of the newer equipment used in car repair work, coupled with the fact that many of his clients are located in the West Hollywood area, the move wasn’t seen as dangerous for the business.

Reputations can be lost with one unhappy customer, and judging by the numerous repeat clients, One Stop maintains the enviable reputation of offering quality service at half the cost of dealers. Wheeler said the shop works on approximately 20 cars a day, a good number to ensure every client’s vehicle gets proper attention.

The full-service shop performs every kind of service, from tune-ups to upholstery, from brake work to glass replacement. One Stop’s employees have the expertise to work on almost every model of car, whether it’s a high-performance or an economy vehicle.

An average tune-up runs $95- to $150, with full service treatment for the price. The service includes all basic fluid replacements, along with complete brake inspection, checks for any leaks, cooling system checks and a free safety check on the vehicle.

There is the newest computerized alignment rack available, as well as other modern computerized systems for locating problems and a complete explanation from employees - the most valuable service offered to the client.

Wheeler spent over $100,000 to renovate the Santa Monica Blvd. Property, and the results have dramatically improved the neighborhood’s appeal, hence the city’s commendation. According to city employees, Wheeler has been "a miracle worker" when it comes to property improvement, and there isn’t a trace of the previous business.

Most of One Stop’s clients have been with them for over 15 years and had no problem moving to the new neighborhood. "Reputations don’t change with a change of geography" was what one customer said as she dropped off her car.

And long before it was even legally required, One Stop recycled all oils and fluids used in auto maintenance. According to government statistics, some shops still don'’ recycle because it involves an extra expense, ignoring the law at the environment’s cost.

For Wheeler, the shop will never be a "fast in-fast out"inexpensive auto shop. Wheeler feels it’s deceptive to mislead his customers, besides the client doesn’t see quality work with that kind of operation.

"We don’t quote to be cheap," Wheeler said, "We can’t do that and be honest with our clients, but our prices are very reasonable."

Judging by the number of vehicles and clients visiting One Stop, the integrity of its work has paid off, and West Hollywood residents are luckier for the addition of the new business.

"We really wanted to come to West Hollywood," Wheeler said. "We like the city, the location and the residents."

One Stop Auto Shop is located at 7935 Santa Monica Blvd. In West Hollywood.



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