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Timing belt intervals for Mazda


Engine Recommended Interval

60,000 Mi.


1.8L SOHC 4 Cyl.
60,000 Mi.

1.8L DOHC 4 Cyl.
60,000 Mi.

1.8L V6
60,000 Mi.

2.0L* Diesel

2.0L* DOHC (626, MX-6, MX3 & Protege)

2.0L DOHC (Tribute)
90,000 Mi.

2.0L SOHC Gasoline
Replace Every 60,000 Miles

60,000 Mi.

2.3L 4 Cyl.
Inspect 60,000, Mi. Replace 120,000 Mi

2.3L V6 (1995-2000)

2.3L V6 (2001-02)
60,000 Mi.

2.5L 4 Cyl.
Inspect 120,000 & Replace as Necessary

2.5L V6

3.0L* SOHC

3.0L* DOHC
60,000 Mi.

* - Interference engine.

(1) - Manufacturer does not recommend a specific maintenance interval.

(21) - On 1989-98 MPV 3.0L models, at 60,000 miles inspect the tensioner pulley & replace as necessary. A worn inner bushing may allow the pulley to slant resulting in a torn or jumped belt.

(32) - On 1993-96 models, replace every 60,000 miles. On 1997-2006 inspect at 60,000 miles, then again at 90,000 miles. It is recommended but not required, but it should be replaced at 105,000 miles.
What is the model line up for Mazda
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List of Mazda vehicles
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This is a list of Mazda automobile models. Most Mazda vehicles have a different name for the Japan home market than is used in the rest of the world. Both names are included below, though the (often more consistent) Japanese names are often primary.

Mazda has used a number of different marques in the Japan market, including Autozam, Eunos, and Efini, although they have been phased out. In the early 1990s Mazda almost created a luxury marque, Amati, to challenge Acura, Infiniti, and Lexus in North America, but this never happened, leaving the near-luxury Millenia to the Mazda brand.

Many Mazda vehicles have been rebadged and sold as Fords. Most are noted in the pages of individual vehicles.

Current sports models of Mazda's regular vehicles go by the Mazdaspeed name. Mazdaspeed is Mazda's in-house race and street car tuning arm and is highly involved in both amateur and professional motorsports.

This is the 2006 Mazda automobile lineup across all markets.

Mazda Verisa — Supermini car
Mazda3/Axela — Compact car
Mazda5/Premacy — Compact MPV
Mazda6/Atenza — Family sedan and station wagon
Mazda8/MPV — Large MPV
MX-5/Roadster — sports convertible
RX-8 — 2+2 sports coupé
CX-7 — compact crossover SUV
Tribute — SUV
B-Series — compact pickup truck
Bongo — Commercial van
Bongo Brawny/E-Series — Commercial van
BT-50 — 1-ton pickup truck
[edit] Historical lineup
1931-1960 Mazdago three-wheel truck
1960-1966 R360 keicar sedan
1961-1962 P360/P600 "Carol" keicar sedan
1961-1964 B1500/Proceed pickup truck
1961-1966 B360/B600 keicar pickup truck
1964-1966 Familia/800 compact car
1965-1971 B1500/Proceed pickup truck
1966-1973 Luce/1500/1800/R130 luxury car
1966-1977 Bongo small minivan
1967-1972 Familia/1000/1200/1300/R100 compact car
1967-1972 Cosmo Sport 110S sports car
1968-1977 E360/Porter small pickup truck
1970-1976 Capella/616/RX-2 midsize car
1971-1978 Savanna/RX-3 coupe
1972-1977 Chantez keicar
1972-1977 Luce/RX-4 luxury car
1973-1976 Familia/808/818/Mizer compact car
1974-1977 Rotary Pickup (REPU) pickup truck
1974-1981 T3000 minibus
1975-1978 Roadpacer fullsize car
1975-1980 Cosmo/RX-5 luxury car
1976-1984 121 compact car
1977-1981 Luce Legato luxury car
1977-1982 Capella/Montrose/626 midsize car
1977-1983 Familia/GLC compact car
1978-1982 Bongo small minivan
1978-1984 Savanna/RX-7 sports car
1980-1984 Familia/323 compact car
1981-1986 929/Luce luxury car
1982-1986 Mazda T3000 minibus
1983-1987 Capella/626 midsize car
1983-1988 Bongo small minivan
1985-1988 Familia/323 compact car
1985-1992 Savanna/RX-7 sports car
1985-1995 121/Demio compact car
1986-1991 929/Luce luxury car
1986-1992 Mazda T3500 minibus
1988-1992 Capella/626 midsize car
1988-1992 MX-6 coupe
1988-1998 MPV minivan
1989-1990 Carol keicar
1989-1993 Familia/323 compact car
1989-1994 Bongo small minivan
1989-1998 MX-5/Miata (first generation) convertible sports car
1990-1994 Carol keicar
1990-1998 929/Sentia luxury car
1991-1994 Mazda Navajo SUV
1992-1997 AZ-3/MX-3 coupe
1993-1997 MX-6 coupe
1993-1997 Cronos/626 midsize car
1993-2002 Millenia/Xedos9/Eunos 800 luxury car
1993-2002 RX-7 sports car
1994-1999 Familia/Protegé/Etude/323 compact car
1994-2003 AZ-Wagon station wagon
1995-1998 Bongo small minivan
1995-1998 Carol keicar
1996-2005 121/Demio compact car
1998-2002 Capella/626 midsize car
1998-2003 AZ-Offroad SUV
1998-2005 MX-5/Miata (second generation) convertible sports car
1999-2000 Carol keicar
1999-2000 Laputa keicar
1999-2004 Bongo small minivan
1999-2005 Premacy small minivan
1999- MPV minivan
2000-2003 Familia/Protegé/323 compact car
2001-2005 Carol keicar
2001- Mazda Tribute SUV
2001-2006 Laputa keicar
2002- Spiano keicar
2003- RX-8 sports car
2005- MX-5 (third generation) convertible sports car
[edit] Models sold currently in the U.S.
Mazda 3 / Mazdaspeed3
Mazda 5
Mazda 6
Mazda B-Series Truck
Mazda CX-7
Mazda CX-9
Mazda MX-5 Miata
Mazda RX-8
Mazda Tribute

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